A-grade Technology Partner for your Software Idea

Designer & CTO as-a-service

Strong commitment to product quality

We treat your products as our internal development.


Our hiring process & training focuses on getting engineers with product mindset.

Scale engineering team as you grow

Low risk in investment in the engineering team.


Easily scale up/ down your engineering capacity as needed

Professional & well-trained tech lead

Well trained business analyst team to communicate with your non-tech persons.


Flexible & agile working model, customized for start-up projects.


A TECH PARTNER (was INSPI CORP) was founded in 2015 to empower the creation and distribution of innovative software. We develop our own products. Most notable among these products is ZenQuiz.net which serves hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese users each month.

The co-founders complement each other’s skill sets to enable our team to deliver exceptional quality service. We are all passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs to get off the ground and running with their ideas, while developing our own products. Thus, we run a full stack software development house in Vietnam, covering all platforms (responsive web, Android, iOS) and stages of development (UX/UI, develop, test, maintain).



  • Design & App mock-up

  • Requirement analysis & project scoping

  • Consultation on technology choice

  • System design & project planning​                                            

& QA
  • Wide range of development capability: web, iOS, Android, hybrid applications

  • Application development through Agile process

  • Thorough application testing: Unit test, integration test & load test

  • System scaling: Setup load balancing, database sharding

  • Database backup & maintenance - 24/ 7 DevOps service on cloud providers: Amazon Web Service, Digital Ocean...                                       

Flexible Engagement Model

  • Typical engagement time: 3 months – 6 months

  • Suitable if you have had clear requirements of the project

  • Option to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) within 3 - 4 weeks to validate the concept

Full Project Based Pricing
  • Upgrade/ modify existing system

  • Work together with your current team

Feature Based Pricing
Optional Post-Development Services


Customer & Operations



Continuous Development Based Pricing
  • Technical lead 

  • Engineering capacity charged by number/ level/ skills of engineers

  • Monthly fee charged

  • Project management, quality control and business analysis services provided as requested

Our Work Process

& Mockups
Alpha Testing
& Support
On-site Acceptance
Beta Testing
  • Agile development methodology: Product manager and/or engineers/ designers to review the progress with customer every week/ two weeks.

  • Progress is 100% transparent to customer via project management/ collaboration tools: Trello, RedMine, BitBucket, Slack,...

Multiple technology stacks



We love to meet people and talk about possibilities. So, if you have a project you are excited about or if you just want to find out more about who we are and what we do, please send us an email or chat with us.

Talk to us: +1 617-982-4274

If you feel like a match and would like to join our team, send your resume to contact@atechpartner.com


George Payne
Founder - CEO
London, UK

"Working with Tuan has been a great experience. There is a high standard of professionalism throughout the company. Tuan's team always promptly responds to us 24/7. We are treated like a team rather than just a client. The enthusiasm and skill of the engineers means that our products are delivered on time and to the highest quality."

Phuc Truong
Founder - CEO
Boston, MA, USA

"Tuan helped us set-up a data processing center in Vietnam and have been really helpful in consulting us with data strategy. They provided us with technical advice and management resources in Vietnam. Their team is very driven and responsive. It has been a great experience working with them."

James Grundgevig
Founder - CEO
New York, NY,  USA

Tuan le Mau was instrumental in consulting on the workflow app for the Cloudnician project. He ramped up quickly on the construction industry’s problems; he saw how legacy software could benefit from a less is more approach; he identified data bottlenecks that would produce more efficiency once architected. Tuan also provided key feedback on the back-end development process and front-end UX/UI. Insightful, reliable, and a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend hiring Tuan as a software consultant. It was time and money well spent.


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